I aligned with Dr. Mitchell Gibson and his teachings, and I was thrilled to be home. I decided to take the Living Soul course with Leigh Ann Phillips as my teacher and that was the best decision ever!

Leigh Ann has made this spiritual journey so much richer with her gift of guiding, “walking” with us every step of the way with love, compassion, understanding and kindness.

My soul has blossomed because of Adire Leigh Ann and that small light inside of me has ignited into a flame. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Jennifer Codner, California

“I have been feeling excellent since our session and I have told my friends about what an amazing experience it was. I have been go-go-go and trying to get so much done, but it has not been effecting me in the negative way it used to and I have so much energy and a great attitude. I just love life and I know there is going to be so much good coming into my life….it has already begun! It was a blessing to meet you as well! Please let me know when you are in Phoenix again!”

– Krysta

In 2015, I attended a Tybro seminar, where Adire Leigh Ann Phillips and several others were called to the front of the room. They were being recognized for their efforts, Adire, for teaching the course, and the others for having achieved their “Vision of Four.” I did not know anything about them, the course, or the vision. I only knew that I would someday be a part of this course and achieve the same.

Fast forward to 2020, when suddenly working from home, and facing all that had been presented to us, I decided to make that time a memorable one. I decided that when I look back at 2020, I would remember greatness. I reached out to Adire and embarked upon one of, if not the, most amazing accomplishments of this lifetime. I wanted to make my soul proud and bring Joy to the Creator. The course took me on that exact journey and connected me, yet again, with beautiful soul mates. I love my Living Soul family. I love Adire, and so will you. You will grow in ways that you cannot even imagine and you will love beyond the 3-dimensions. Thank you, Beloved Adire, for helping, guiding, teaching, growing and loving us all so, here, there, and everywhere.

-Shirlna R.

If I knew then what I know now!

I am grateful to have completed The Living Soul course, it has changed my life forever. The Living Soul course has prepared me and solidified my path to fulfill my life’s purpose. I am blessed to have a great leader in Leigh Ann who facilitated The Living Soul course. Leigh Ann is patient, wise, compassionate, and most of all, she truly loves us and advocated for our success in so many ways. She made taking a course that some may consider arduous and turned it into a joy and honor.

One must consider there’s a reason The Living Soul Course has been brought to your attention. Perhaps this is your prompting from the Universe, nudging you to expand your consciousness and become who you truly were meant to be. That’s what it has done for me. The Living Soul course was my compass, a more direct path to achieve spiritual growth & enlightenment that might otherwise have taken decades to achieve. The Living Soul course was my catalyst to elevate my soul and achieve spiritual wealth.

Remember, treasures on earth are temporary and will surely pass away but treasures in heaven are everlasting. The Living Soul course helped me achieve heavenly treasures that will last this lifetime and an eternity.

If you’re pondering joining The Living Soul course, if you’re blessed to have this program come to you, my advice is don’t delay. The time is now! Don’t give it a second thought, you won’t regret it. Moreover, I can assure you that you’re in good hands with Adire as your leader to facilitate your spiritual growth.

My only wish is, I wish I had discovered and completed The Living Soul course much earlier in life.

-Terri Hawkins

“I was so blown away when in Leigh Ann’s presence at an event I attended at the Aspen Chapel. I really needed some centering that night and with her there, the night was very special. Please let me know if you are doing any events here in Denver or even in aspen. It’s easy to get there unless it’s during snow!! Take care and Blessings to you.”



“I just wanted to say thank you for opening your space and sharing your gifts. Being in your Sound Temple with such an amazing group of women and experiencing the power of sound was a beautiful and transformative experience for me. Your intuitive nurtuing was just what my mind, body and soul needed, even though I don’t know that I realized it. It was very healing to be able to open myself to nurturing touch and to allow myself to stay in that space. This is something that has been a lifetime struggle for me.

My experience was also somewhat serendipitous as I have recently been wondering how to connect to the divine feminine energy that I know is inside of me. I have never felt connected to that energy and have always felt like something is missing. It seems like when the circumstances have been right and safe to explore that energy, depression or anxiety or my lack of ability to open myself to it has been in the way. Experiencing the power of women in community validated my desire to undertake the journey of connecting to the feminine energy that is within me and the ability to open up and love that comes with it. The journey will be hard for me and my biggest obstacle will be my own self, but hopefully in the end, my soul will be softer and my capacity to love will be greater.

It was beautiful to meet you and the other women and to be in your awesome space. Thank you for your nurturing and inspiration.”

-Becky from Kansas


“She’s the John Williams of Alchemy Bowls!”

-Jim Petrakis


“I’ve been playing Leigh Ann’s Dawn Mountain album. Please tell her that it calms me alot. I played it for the class this AM when they did the safari in the classroom walk-about. I’m sure her concert will be powerful.”

– Elizabeth, Youth Leader in Nairobi, Kenya


“My session with Leigh Ann and the bowls was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life. I reached a place both inside and outside my self that I had not connected with in a very long time, perhaps since I was a child. I not only heard the lyrical tones, I felt them. The music of the bowls reverberated in my bones, my muscles, my individual blood cells. It was a waking sleep. I experienced release: release of pain and confusion and fatigue. At the end of the session I was both exhausted and energized. I felt I had been re-centered and provided with a consciousness minus the cobwebs of past grievances and hurt.”

– Lisa Mott, Iowa City, Iowa


“Leigh Ann is a powerful healer. More than just a massage therapist, she combines her intuition with her vast wealth of knowledge about healing to create a truly transformative experience for her clients on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Leigh Ann is a loving, generous and talented human being. I always leave our sessions profoundly changed.”

– Kelli Marko, Thornton, Colorado


“It is rare to find a bodyworker who is able to balance the dance between energy medicine and physical therapy as expertly as Leigh Ann. My sessions with her have incorporated sound therapy, healing modalities and therapeutic massage. It seemed as though the sound entered my body and was able to facilitate the unlocking of some deeply rooted issues. Leigh Ann then used massage techniques to help my body release what it was ready to let go of. My sessions with her have always been profoundly powerful, her healing touch makes the experience very safe and instills an incredible feeling of wellbeing. When I am travelling within 50 miles of her office, my plans will have to evolve around seeing Leigh Ann. She is that good!”

– Jane Adorney, Littleton, Colorado


“Wow. This completely changed things in a way that really stayed. I am now able to function at a better, higher vibration in an ongoing way. Besides which, the treatment itself was sheer joy!”

– Jan Boyer, Psychotherapist, Santa Fe, New Mexico


“Leigh Ann is truly an angel. She becomes the instrument of her work, incorporating the beautiful sounds of the crystal singing bowls with bodywork that is facilitated through true intuition and grace. Her tones resonate deep within your soul, activating and clearing your chakras, which creates a sense of wholeness and integration of body, mind, and spirit. Her therapeutic and healing touch is one of great skill and pure compassion that frees up any physical restrictions in the body. The result is extraordinary, capturing the true essence of healing. Combining such fine instruments of sound, touch, and insight, Leigh Ann creates the perfect atmosphere to generate the highest sense of well being, balance, and true freedom. How fortunate we are to be in the presence of such an amazing, passionate, and mindful soul. This is truly a gift and an honor.”

– Toni Shaw, Denver, Colorado


“A long and exhausting solo backpack journey had left me drained, physically and mentally. Serendipity brought me to Leigh Ann, whose magical healing eased my body and soul. Her powerful touch medicine, flowing as sound energy through crystal singing bowls, offers the ultimate in therapy, a gift that endures.”

– Don Fishburne, Lakewood, Colorado


“For me, time spent with Leigh Ann and her bowls is magic in its purest form. It starts with her clear and wholesome intention to assist people, whether they are in some form of transition or simply to bring joy into their lives. She possesses this solid connection to the Universe and all its power, which is such a huge gift to anyone lucky enough to meet her. During my sound healing session I remember feeling peace and stillness; it felt effortless, as my spirit forgot it was imprisoned in a body. It was surreal and liberating, it was calming and invigorating and it was sobering and intoxicating – all in perfect harmony. My life was forever changed and blessed since the day our paths crossed.”

– Pam Smith, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


“Thank you so much for the amazing healing session we had at Valley View! I’m still reverberating with the crystal bowls and your healing touch. I must experience those bowls again – I felt so supported during my “retreat” and I still do. Thank You.”

– Sandra Dancer, Taos, New Mexico


“Leigh Ann combines her musical talents with her healing skills to provide an unforgetable therapeutic experience. Her intuitive capacities are an added bonus to behold. I look forward to my next trip to Valley View.”

– William Schempp, Iowa, Psychologist (40 yrs)


“My sound healing session with Leigh Ann was wonderful and powerful! She put her whole self into the healing experience. I do feel as though an old, stubborn block within me has begun to shift, and I look forward to another session.”

– Linda Kaiser, Frederick, Colorado


“Some of the things I want to say about your wonderful work: When I reflected on your work with me last summer, I experienced feeling simultaneously wonderfully energized and deeply relaxed! I felt this deep, quiet energy–both peaceful and dynamic at the same time! You gave me a special gift, the body memory I still carry with me. Thank you, thank you, dear one.”

– John Mariner, Denver, Colorado


“Leigh Ann has the voice of an Angel… a Heart of Gold… a Natural Born Healer… It’s an honor to know her, a meeting I will never forget!”

– Sue MacLeod Browning, Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada


“I came to Santa Fe 25 years ago to work a spiritual path involving sound chanting. After some years of mixed experiences with that, I have generally shied away from sound-related healing. For some reason, when I heard about Leigh Ann’s crystal bowl healing circle, I just went, without knowing anything about it. It was very healing.

The beauty of the experience was marked for me. Leigh Ann directed the establishment of a gentle container which I very much enjoyed contributing to. I enjoyed how little intellectualizing was needed to feel extremely safe and present in this experience. Then, I heard the sound of the bowls, certainly quite beautiful from the outside of the circle. Joining the inner circle, I experienced the power of their pure vibration moving through me. I then received healing attention, along with two others, from the rest of the group, which was exquisite. Amidst the intense ringing of the bowls, prayers blended in from Leigh Ann and other participants. To receive all of this provided for a fulfilling experience.

One of the few thoughts that passed through my ecstatic mind in those moments was “I feel I am held by God.” Since the healing I had sought was around “home”, I immediately realized that this was a feeling of coming home, of having a place of belonging in the Universe. It would be hard to overstate the significance of this experience. I was pretty speechless. And I received more insight in the following days, with a similar in-the-body clarity.

I remain deeply touched and grateful to Leigh Ann for holding the space for this work with such integrity. It inspires my own re-dedication to creating gentle safe containers for myself and others to heal. I highly recommend Leigh’s work. Her gentleness, power and caring attention are a blessing to receive, as they allow the healing purity of the bowls’ vibration to be deeply received.”

– Michael Polera, Santa Fe, NM