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Note: All in-person sessions take place in Honolulu, Hawaii or may be arranged in advance according to my travel schedule. Be sure to check my Calendar for upcoming events in other locations.

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60 Minute Sound Healing Session – $150

90 Minute Sound Healing Session – $200

Sound Healing Distance Attunement – $125

Crystal Bed Light Bath (sliding scale) $60 – $75

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About Sound Healing Sessions

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Sound Healing Sessions
Distance Healing Attunements
John of God Crystal Bed “Light Bath”
Living Soul Level One Spiritual Cleanse

My experience is that body wisdom is much more profound than what we “think”. The body does not know how to lie. If there is an issue that has not been addressed, whether stress or an emotional blockage, the body is the last stop. Sessions are opportunities to allow the mind to step out of the way and change brain states and consciousness and give the person space and time to self-heal and rejuvenate. The sounds of the crystal bowls are etheric, powerful, clear, sometimes dissonant depending on what is going on with the person, but still beautiful and mind-altering. It is an opportunity to go deep within, release, and expand.

Personal Sound Healing Sessions are performed currently in Honolulu, Hawaii, as well as other locations where Leigh Ann is invited to give sessions, lead workshops and lectures, or to perform.

A session is always recorded so you have your own “song” to listen to later as a meditation.

To schedule a Sound Healing Session, Distance Attunement, or Crystal Bed session, contact Leigh Ann at (808) 445-1296.

In Person – Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Sessions

The person lies down on the massage table where crystal bowls are placed on their abdomen and back so they can physically feel the vibration as the bowl is played. I have hand-held practitioner bowls that I can move around and over the body, as well as crystal bowls that are alchemically made with gemstones such as emerald, citrine, and iron. The bowls “sound” differently based on what is going on with the body, and the pitch of the bowl will change, as well as the overtones, as different frequencies overlap with each other. I also play the piano, harp, mountain dulcimer, chimes, the gamelan (a xylophone-like instrument), tinchas (small Tibetan cymbals), and brass and copper Tibetan bowls in addition to using my voice. A session can be 60 or 90 minutes. (Sessions begin at $125)

To schedule a Sound Healing Session, Distance Attunement, or Crystal Bed session, contact Leigh Ann at (808) 445-1296.

Distance Healing Attunements

Sound Healing Sessions can also be done at a distance. We set up a time to do your Distance Healing Attunement after a phone consultation together. At the specified time, while you are in a comfortable space, I will play the bowls for you, recording your session, so you may use it again personally, listening to your own healing song. During a Distance Healing Attunement, I may also receive intuitive information, similar to a “reading” which I also share with you over the phone after the distance session is complete. (Distance Healing Attunements begin at $125)

To schedule a Sound Healing Session, Distance Attunement, or Crystal Bed session, contact Leigh Ann at (808) 445-1296.

John of God Crystal Bed “Light Bath”

Made possible by The Shimmering Sounds Foundation, the Crystal Bed was purchased from the Casa of Dom Ignacio in Brazil. This Crystal Bed consists of seven high quality clear quartz vogel crystals, mined and carved in Brazil. They are blessed by John of God. The crystals are attached to a high frequency lamp where colored lights are filtered through each crystal. Each lit crystal is directed toward one of the chakras. The crystals create a stable and consistent stream of energy that raises the body’s vibrational frequency by interacting with the water in the cells. This is done while lying on a massage table. Many people have reported significant healings, as well as emotional clearing, a feeling of groundedness, a release of stress, and overall well-being. Sessions are 60 minutes and are offered on a sliding scale ($60 – $75).

Proceeds of Crystal Bed sessions are used to continue the work of the Shimmering Sounds Foundation, bringing sound and vibrational healing to people and populations who normally could not pay for sessions or coursework.

To schedule a Sound Healing Session, Distance Attunement, or Crystal Bed session, contact Leigh Ann at (808) 445-1296.

Living Soul Spiritual Cleansing Session

Originated by Dr. Mitchell Gibson, a Level One Cleansing involves the use of Daoist healing talismans, healing mantras, and the use of the Mer Isis healing pendulum in order to cleanse negative spiritual energy from the aura and body.

Level One spiritual pathogens include dependent thought forms, low level miasms, and human souls that are weakly attached to the clients physical form. A dependent thought form is a type of energy pattern that results from strong persistent thought, emotion, or act. Dependent thought forms cause a great deal of chaos and strife when they enter the body but fortunately, they are easily removed. Past life personalities can often bleed through and cause trouble in the present personality.

Please Contact Leigh Ann Phillips in advance before purchasing.

To schedule a Spiritual Cleansing Session contact Leigh Ann at (808) 445-1296.

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Peace, Healing and Blessings
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