I’m happy to announce that my newest album, Mik’ael, is now available!! Mik’ael is an album of soothing soulful vocal mantras, accompanied by world instruments and quartz crystal singing bowls. It is a musical offering to the Archangel Mik’ael (Michael), sung in Enochian, which some call the language of the angels.

Recorded at Zenden Studios in California, Mik’ael is co-written and co-produced by Thomas Barquee.

What others are saying about Mik’ael:

Profound Love
Breathtaking Beauty, and
Eternal Tranquility

-Megumi Sugihara, Crestone, CO

As I listen to Leigh Ann’s CD ‘Mik’ael’ I feel my heart expand and a clear sense of love begins to arise. This is powerful music which I know will help all of us make a shift into a larger sense of who we are and what is possible.

-Sheila Ramsey

Leigh Ann’s latest CD is a compilation of hauntingly beautiful songs of tones, rhythms, and beautiful lyrics. I put this on repeat for a mini- spiritual spa in my day! A refreshing energizer!

-Lynne Thom AIA