by Leigh Ann Phillips (Adire) and Thomas Barquee

removenegativityartworkPowerful primordial music and sounds of crystal bowls, guitar, percussion, and keyboard – designed to clear, uplift and strengthen, as well as increase calm and serenity.

This exquisite primordial music is designed to be the emanation of a a powerful mandala that removes negativity in the Taoist tradition. This mandala was etched onto a moss agate/Apache Tear obsidian quartz crystal singing bowl. This bowl was the foundation of a project to create music that could clear and strengthen the bioenergetic field. When a mandala is etched onto a bowl, the intention of the mandala is amplified within the sound. Thomas Barquee has blended keyboard, percussion and guitar to the celestial sounds of the bowls to create a powerful soundscape that clears and uplifts as well as increases calm and serenity.

This 30-minute digital MP3 album features:
Leigh Ann Phillips (Adire): quartz crystal singing bowls
Thomas Barquee: guitar, keyboard, percussion

Available as a digital download MP3

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What Others are Saying:

from Sandy S. – Crestone, CO

I listened to your new album after i had finished a short meditation..
I was in a field of prayer whispered on the breath of air, just beyond hearing, prayer flowing like water through me.. until all flowed clearly and I was the prayer..
Profoundly deeply beautiful..
I felt heavenly angels praying, weaving through my being.. until only the prayer remained..
The prayer is all that remains..


from Gabriella D.

Your music IS truly a gift!
Thank you!
Keep pouring your faith into those precious bowls.

from Sifu Kelly Larsen RN, CMT

Removing Negativity is a meditative masterpiece! As I listened I felt as if I were continually bathed in purifying Celestial waters. I think this recording is an excellent tool for personal cleanings and relaxation, meditation, or to use with clients during body or energy therapy.