The Shimmering Sounds Foundation

Leigh Ann Phillips is the Executive Director of The Shimmering Sounds Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and promoting the benefits of sound and vibrational healing, and the advancement of this healing modality in the field complimentary and alternative medicine. All donations are fully tax deductible, as the foundation is fully 501c3 compliant.

The purposes of The Shimmering Sounds Foundation include:

  • Merging of music, sound, and vibration to open perceptual doors, allowing for a marriage between logic and intuition, permeating the boundaries of the unconscious heart.
  • Advancing the research, education, performance, and practical application of music, sound, and vibration as a complimentary therapeutic modality – to bring about a passion for life, beauty, well being, peace, and promise to all people and to the Earth.

Donations to The Shimmering Sounds Foundation help to provide lectures, demonstrations, and sound/vibrational healing education to organizations, schools, institutions, alternative treatment centers, and economically challenged individuals and groups.

If you are interested in making a donation or wish to learn more, contact Leigh Ann and The Shimmering Sounds Foundation:

The Shimmering Sounds Foundation
c/o Leigh Ann Phillips, Executive Director
84-664 Ala Mahiku St, Suite 195B
Waianae, HI 96792


Peace, Healing and Blessings

Peace, Healing and Blessings
Peace, Healing and Blessings is Leigh Ann Phillips and Thomas Barquee’s newest collaboration, the merging of art, form, music and blessing, from the ancient lineage of sound, sacred geometry and mantra.

Download now on Leigh Ann's Bandcamp page!

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