The Living Soul Spiritual Development Course, founded by Dr. Mitchell Gibson,  is a 17 lesson series designed to be followed in the comfort and privacy of one’s own home. Following an initial evaluation of the applicant’s spiritual aspirations, potentials, and overall life goals, the course guides the student through a graduated series of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disciplines. These exercises are designed to gradually train and educate the student’s soul in the ancient pathways. The overall goal of the process is to awaken certain dormant faculties which are latent within us all. These faculties, combined with the continued application of the discipline imparted within this course, will lead to the transformation of the soul of the applicant and gradually to the process of inner enlightenment.

I am humbled and honored to be an instructor for this profound, life-changing course.

Throughout the course, I assist in guiding the student individually over the course of a multiple-month journey. Each lesson is designed to offer challenging exercises, meditations, and mental disciplines which will gradually develop the faculties latent within each student. One lesson builds upon the next and the student will not be allowed to progress until each lesson is mastered.

This is a challenging and rewarding course. Over the past nine years, through Dr. Gibson’s teachings, several students have begun to experience inner enlightenment, samadhi, contact with higher dimensional beings, increased kundalini energy, increased healing ability, telepathic experiences, visions of the higher self, and travel to Solar worlds.

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