The Living Soul Spiritual Development Course is a 17 lesson series designed to be followed in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Following an initial evaluation of the applicant’s spiritual aspirations, potentials, and overall life goals, the course guides the student through a graduated series of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual disciplines. These exercises are designed to gradually train and educate the student’s soul in the ancient pathways revealed to me over the last 22 years. The overall goal of the process is to awaken certain dormant faculties which are latent within us all. These faculties, combined with the continued application of the discipline imparted within this course, will lead to the transformation of the soul of the applicant and gradually to the process of inner enlightenment.

The following is an outline of the work which is presented in The Living Soul Spiritual Development Course.

Registration Process: All students must apply for the course. No student is ever turned away who is truly ready for guidance. As part of the application, the student must send in a recent photograph, birth information, and a completed registration form with signed questionnaire.

These results will give a baseline for future growth and development.

Each of the following lessons are designed to be completed within 30 days. Some students however, may require more time for the completion of the work required for each lesson.
All lessons must be completed within 60 days of receipt except Lesson 14 which will be given 90 days to complete and pass.

The following gives you a brief description of each lesson.

1. Lesson One: Development of the Divine Ego: Central to the development of the soul is the development of the higher emotional potentials. Lesson One encompasses an introduction to the development of the Divine Ego. The Divine Ego is the immortal analogue to the human ego. It lies dormant within us all until properly awakened.

2. Lesson Two: Development of the Divine Ego is continued. The basics of remote sensing as it applies to spiritual potential is introduced. Remote sensing is the process of gathering information about the world around us using our latent potential.

3. Lesson Three: Introduction to the Divine Creative Force. The basics of remote sensing and divine ego development are applied to the an introduction to the divine creative force. This force surrounds and permeates all living things. The traditional human senses and will are not capable of interacting with this field on any meaningful basis. The ability to apply the latent spiritual senses is crucial to interacting with this field.

4. Lesson Four: Introduction to the Divine Creative Force II. Further development of the ability to sense events shaped by divine creative force. The concept of the perceptual tuning focus is introduced. The student is evaluated on his/her ability to use their remote sensory apparatus.

5. Lesson Five: Introduction to the Divine Creative Force III. The concept of the perceptual tuning focus is further developed. The student begins to apply their understanding of this concept to their basic meditations.

6. Lesson Six: Introduction to the Divine Creative Force IV. The final introductory lesson on the basics of the divine creative force. The student is introduced to the concepts of the transpersonal point and focal release points. Students are asked to apply these concepts to their advancing meditations.

7. Lesson Seven: Introduction to the Divine Crystal Mandala. The student will begin to learn the basics regarding the divine crystal mandala. These entities mediate the conversion of matter to energy and vice versa. The student will begin to sense the presence of these phenomena and to use them in the lessons given.

8. Lesson Eight: Introduction to the Divine Crystal Mandala. Application of the higher remote senses to the use of divine crystal mandala and their implications to the development of enlightenment.

9. Lesson Nine: Divine Crystal Mandala and the Soul. How the soul interacts with the divine crystal mandala during its evolution.

10. Lesson Ten: The Development of the Will. The student will begin to learn techniques necessary for the development of his/her higher faculties of Will. This faculty is extremely important for the application of the principles of further spiritual development and growth.

11. Lesson Eleven: The Development of the Spiritual Will. The student will apply the techniques learned thus far of remote sensing, manipulation of divine creative force, and spiritual will to begin the analysis of the Self. The students will meet the inhabitants of his/her own inner self.

12. Lesson Twelve: The Dream Self. The student will begin to apply the techniques learned thus far to the dream self. The student will learn to communicate with the Dream Self at all time, even while awake. The use of certain crystal forms, meditations, and remote sensing techniques will be given.

13. Lesson Thirteen: Further Development of the Will as applied to the Dream Self: Introduction to the student’s personal Dream Censor. Use of the Divine Ego, remote senses, divine crystal mandala, and divine creative force in overcoming the influence of the Dream Censor.

14. Lesson Fourteen: Introduction to the Master Symbols I: The Atom is a Moment in Time. Each student that progresses to this level will begin to study the science of the basic master symbols which govern the laws of time and space surrounding this universe.

15. Lesson Fifteen: Introduction to the Master Symbols II. The student will learn the names of Power and applications associated with the first three Master Symbols which govern our universe.

16. Lesson Sixteen: Introduction of the Master Symbols III. The student will learn the names of Power and the applications associated with the fourth, fifth, and sixth Master Symbols which govern our universe.

17.Lesson Seventeen: Introduction to the Master Symbols IV. The student will learn the names of Power and the applications associated with the seventh, eighth, and ninth Master Symbols which govern our universe. The process of inner enlightenment as revealed by the use of the Master Symbols is revealed.

All students who apply are accepted into the Living Soul Course. Students will receive all lessons paid for each semester, one lesson at a time. Each Semester includes four lessons, except the last semester, which includes five lessons.

In cases where income is restricted, some may be able to receive a partial scholarship upon interview.

Living Soul Course Instructor


Adire Leigh Ann Phillips is an award-winning singer songwriter, recording artist, sound healing lecturer, therapist, and teacher. She has a BA in journalism and music as well as numerous years of study in the healing arts, classical piano and voice. She is on a mission to merge sound, music and the education of the living soul to assist people in leading more fulfilling lives in healthier bodies. Leigh Ann has developed a method of brainwave entrainment using the quartz crystal singing bowls, her voice and other instruments. A workshop or teaching experience with her leaves you empowered with knowledge that is complemented with tones and music that awaken the physical body and nourish the soul. What information the left brain may miss, the sound will make sure that the knowledge is imbued within the experience.

Leigh Ann is a graduate of the Living Soul Spiritual Development Course, and is continuing advanced work with Sifu Kelly Larsen, as well as Master and Acharya Gibson. Leigh Ann has been on a spiritual path actively for three decades. The Living Soul work transformed her deeply, and ignited her passion to merge sound and the path of enlightenment to support others. This is her dharma. She is extremely grateful and humbled to be a part of this life-changing program.



There will be No Refunds. There will be No Payment Plans. If a student withdraws or is dropped from the program before completing the Semester, all lessons in that Semester will be sent to the student with no further access to your teacher.

The First Semester includes the Registration fee at $3,000.00.

The Second – Fourth Semesters are $2,400.00.