A wonderful time at The Sacred Garden of Maui

I had an absolutely wonderful time sharing the music of the crystal and gemstone singing bowls at The Secret Garden of Maui this week!  Please enjoy the photos on my Flickr page!

The Sacred Garden is run by the Divine Nature Alliance, a 501(c)3 public charity on Maui
dedicated to peace, inspiration, rejuvenation, and education.

The Sacred Garden is a 10,000 square foot greenhouse featuring many labyrinths, living shrines, meditative spaces, classroom spaces, peace gardens, and a beautiful Shrine Room.

For more information about The Sacred Garden, contact Eve Hogan at 808-573-7700 or Eve@Evehogan.com.

Love By Intuition Radio Show

Love By Intuition Radio Show

May 26th Live at 2pm EST, I’ll be a guest on the The Love By Intuition Show with Deborah Beauvais
I’d love for you to join me!
Here are the Details:
Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network Station-Boston & Worldwide
Listen locally 1510am Revolution Boston
Then Click Box Dreamvisions 7 Radio Live at 1510amRevolution Boston
Callers toll free 866-338-9663 or 617-237-1234
For Dreamvisions 7 Radio Station airings of Love By Intuition
Weekly Monday-Friday at 6pmest & 6amest [Leigh Ann airs May 29th]
Click http://www.dreamvisions7radio.com/hosts.htm
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Nate Scarritt joins The Dragon House!



The “Light Chamber” with its unique “Egyptian Decor”, is a new offering at the Dragon House. The Chamber, constructed by Crestone resident Nate Scarritt, is the culmination of years of exploration of “The Point of Origin” of light and sound and its effect on consciousness

and therefore, the body.

In the Chamber, one uses one’s own breath, Sacred Sound, its resultant vibration in the body, and unique “luminous” colors. Presented as a “Perfected Pattern”, one has the opportunity to observe, heal and release discordant patterns as they come up.

Two modalities are currently offered. Healing with Light and Sound, and Vibrational Healing. The Vibrational Healing utilizes a vibrational frequency of 528HZ, which corresponds to the ancient Solfeggio note MI. The letters derive from the Latin word Miragestorum, or “miracle”. This is the specific frequency at which DNA begins to repair itself. The ancient 6 note Solfeggio musical scale was originally used in the ancient Gregorian chants and the early Catholic Masses. Like Sanskrit, it has the original power of those notes.

A session begins with the breath activation of the Ida, Pingala and Shushumna energy channels, and the conscious connection of the heart and mind, using breath, color and sensation. The breath can be used to “breath” color into affected areas of the body.

Using specific acupressure points the participant consciously creates the “Light

Crystal” of the mind and stabilizes themselves in the “Globality” of that.

Sessions usually run about an hour and a half, which includes initial instructions, breath practice, acupressure activation, Sacred Sound, Living Color Immersion and a feedback interview. Because the Chamber entrains the body-mind, you will be given a copy of the music CD with the 528HZ frequency. Played 3 times a week, this can help maintain the entrainment.

Sessions are $75.00. A discount is available if 2 or more sessions are booked at the same time. Gift Certificates are available for those who, in generosity, would like to “Pay it Forward” as a gift for a friend.

For more information or to schedule a “Light Chamber Experience”, please contact: Nate Scarritt, 719-937-1183, or 719-256-4220. EMAIL: sharonate@ctelco.net

An Upgraded Dawn Mountain CD

An Upgraded Dawn Mountain CD

Leigh Ann Phillips: Dawn Mountain

I wanted to share the great news! After selling out of the first printing of my CD, Dawn Mountain, I decided to give it an “upgrade” in the look and feel. The re-released and “upgraded” Dawn Mountain features a great new photo front cover by Lori Nagel, and a tri-fold six-panel case. Many many thanks and gratitude goes out to all who have experienced Dawn Mountain. The new CD is available now at CD Baby, with a 10% discount if you buy two!

You can also listen to samples and download tracks from Dawn Mountain on my Free Downloads Page!

Take a look at the great artwork! Many thanks to Christa Augostino for the design and layout!

Welcome to my blog – The Quest

Welcome to my blog – The Quest

Welcome to my new web site, and my new blog, “The Quest”.

It was time for a new look and new energy to come through the site, with more information on all of the things I’m doing with regard to music, sound healing, The Dragon House, The Shimmering Sounds Foundation, and the beginnings of taking my work to those experiencing cancer.

I’ll be updating you all on the latest news in my Journey into Sound through this blog.   For now, I invite you to browse my upcoming events, download free music, watch new videos, and learn about sound healing!

Many Blessings,

Leigh Ann


Peace, Healing and Blessings

Peace, Healing and Blessings
Peace, Healing and Blessings is Leigh Ann Phillips and Thomas Barquee’s newest collaboration, the merging of art, form, music and blessing, from the ancient lineage of sound, sacred geometry and mantra.

Download now on Leigh Ann's Bandcamp page!

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