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Peace, Healing and Blessings

Peace, Healing and Blessings is Leigh Ann Phillips and Thomas Barquee’s newest collaboration, the merging of art, form, music and blessing, from the ancient lineage of sound, sacred geometry and mantra.

We have taken an ancient primordial mandala and have literally created music from this exquisite pattern. Then layered the music with the literal mantra that created the mandala. As has been proven through the Cymatics work founded by Hans Jenny, and further research done by John Stuart Reid, we have learned that geometric patterns are literally frozen music. This album is not only made of beautiful sounds, but it is art created by sound! The intention is to support people with calm, serenity, as well as a tool that can support them in their lives. Whether played as a meditation, background music for therapy sessions, or with headphones to put you to sleep, Peace, Healing and Blessings is guaranteed to bring you all of the above, and more.


The Secret Fire

The “Secret Fire” manifests as a Word, or more specifically, “Song” which when sung properly, enhances the Immortal Consciousness that lies sleeping within us all. In ancient times, this “Song” was used by shamans, healers, and mystics around the world as an initiatic tool. This “Song” is a secret manifestation of the “secret fire” that blazes constantly from the Sun. When the “Word” is sung in the proper way, it creates a state of energies and cellular excitation that focuses the energy of Our Creator on the physical body and releases the immortal energy locked within our cells.

Soothing soul-song vocals and crystal singing bowls from Leigh Ann Phillips and instrumentation by Thomas Barquee



Removing Negativity

A 30-minute instrumental blessing featuring Leigh Ann Phillips (Adire) and Thomas Barquee. Powerful primordial music and sounds of crystal bowls, guitar, percussion, and keyboard – designed to clear, uplift and strengthen, as well as increase calm and serenity.

Bonus Item: Receive a printable Remove Negativity Mandala Sigil (PDF) with your purchase!








Mik’ael is an album of soothing soulful mantras sung by Leigh Ann, accompanied by world instruments and quartz crystal singing bowls. It is a musical offering to the Archangel Mik’ael (Michael), sung in Enochian, which some call the language of the angels.

Recorded at Zenden Studios in California, Mik’ael is co-written and co-produced by Thomas Barquee.

What others are saying about Mik’ael:

Profound Love
Breathtaking Beauty, and
Eternal Tranquility

-Megumi Sugihara, Crestone, CO

As I listen to Leigh Ann’s album ‘Mik’ael’ I feel my heart expand and a clear sense of love begins to arise. This is powerful music which I know will help all of us make a shift into a larger sense of who we are and what is possible.

-Sheila Ramsey

Leigh Ann’s latest recording is a compilation of hauntingly beautiful songs of tones, rhythms, and beautiful lyrics. I put this on repeat for a mini- spiritual spa in my day! A refreshing energizer!

-Lynne Thom AIA


Dawn Mountain

I live in a valley above an ancient sea. To the east is the grandeur of Mount Blanca. The Native Americans call this 14,000 foot peak, Dawn Mountain – The Gatekeeper of the Sunrise. This album is an acoustic offering for them. The quartz crystal singing bowls have their own song. Within the note of each of these precious gemstone bowls lies a river of overtones that sing above and over the music. Music is acoustic. It is alive. It is sentient. Whether the instruments themselves sing with strings or reeds, the music is a call to what lives in Nature, and what lives inside ourselves.

I wanted to feel and hear what would happen if the quartz crystal singing bowls had a chance to dance in each others’ harmonics – like a dance under an aspen tree.

What if the long sweet note of the violin called to the ruby crystal bowl to sing with her?

What if the notes of the hollow bone flute floated along with the drones of the deep charcoal bowl?

What if no notes were written, and what if each note led us down a path, and we had the courage to trust and to follow it?

Don Richmond and I chose a few keys and a few instruments to accompany the crystal singing bowls, with the intention that the crystal bowls would be the protagonist in this harmonic play.

We then played and sang. We did not know where we were going. But at the end of the day we smiled, and felt in our hearts that this singing was heard – by Dawn Mountain.


Journey Into the Mind – Instrumental

Journey into the Mind – Instrumental includes 10 tracks, of which the first 9 provide a continuous moving meditation. It is released only in downloadable format through CDBaby or iTunes.

This MP3 download album is the perfect soul companion to Dawn Mountain – offering a relaxing acoustic blend of piano, strings, and quartz crystal singing bowls. Originally released as a guided meditation with Kiara Perkins, this instrumental version features Leigh Ann Phillips on piano and quartz crystal singing bowls, with string accompaniment by Don Richmond.

A previously unreleased bonus track of Call of the Feather (Instrumental) is available as the last track of this MP3 album as well.


Call of the Feather

Thoughtful, evocative music that is firmly grounded on Mother Earth yet takes you to another place.

Primarily acoustic and piano-based, with elements of singer-songwriter, Americana, jazz, world, and new age sounds creating a sophisticated, powerful mix.

This album is a collection of songs about love, the land and the evolution of these times. This album means the world to me, for I feel I now have a recorded document of hope, and hope with action. Beauty is a form of healing, and these songs have already traveled to different parts of the world, reminding us that each of us has a purpose in being here.

The quartz crystal singing bowls are on two of the songs, as well as recordings of raven, and the Sandhill Cranes from the San Luis Valley of Colorado. This album weaves the beauty of strings, woodwinds, piano and percussion with full production.


Just Over Those Mountains

Leigh Ann Phillips’ original vocals and instrumentals are a dynamic blend of pop, chamberfolk and contemporary, which she lovingly calls Orchestral Americana. A few dashes of jazz, rock and blues add spice to the mix. Often compared to Judy Collins, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Nanci Griffith and even Elton John, Leigh Ann writes songs that range from the ever popular theme of romance to celebrations of the beauty of the planet. Each song then takes on its own spirit which determines the style of music. There is a thread of beauty that weaves all of her music together, regardless of the genre. When the words point out trouble and inequity, the melody reminds us of the joy and balance that is still around us.

The song, Just Over Those Mountains is a previous winner of the Silverton Jubilee Songwriting competition as well as a songwriting award in England.

Sometimes we live our love on the road. Sometimes our love is waiting “Just Over those Mountains.”

Leigh Ann has developed a method of brainwave entrainment through the use of her voice and the quartz crystal singing bowls. It is a form of sound healing based on research on the brain as well as the musical system called the Circle of Fifths. The purpose of the work is to help people release emotions from the body, as well as raise the level of health and well being physically, emotionally, mentally and spirtually. She has developed a method of shifting and slowing the brain states, allowing people to not just relax but release emotional blocks that are allowing dis-ease in the body. Her method incorporates the use of the quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, tingshaws, harp, piano, herbal medicine as well as her voice. Using mantras in languages such as Sanskrit, Enochian and Aramaic, Leigh Ann incorporates ancient mantras and prayers to enhance the power of the sound. This method actually places the bowls on the person, so the person is receiving not just music and sound, but also vibration.

Her passion is to assist people in building an awareness of consciousness to the mind, body and spirit. Some people would call this allowing sound and music to be a bridge to the soul.

For years, Leigh Ann owned and operated the Dragon House Sound Sanctuary in Crestone, Colorado, presenting workshops, retreats, personal sessions, concerts as well as teacher trainings. Recently she has moved Shimmering Sounds LLC to the island of Oahu, living with her sweetheart and family outside Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

Since her move to Hawaii, Leigh Ann has been bringing sound healing and the music of the quartz crystal singing bowls into the mainstream. She has given demonstrations and sound healing sessions most recently in Taiwan, the Hawaiian islands, at the Gem Exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C, as well as at a Playboy event in the Los Angeles area. She has also made television and radio appearances on various health, and lifestyle programs in Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, Colorado, New Mexico, as well as the Orient.

Gem ExhibitThe sound and the music have merged, and Leigh Ann’s passion for life has sounded into a path where music can bring not just beauty, but health, peace and the evolution of the soul.

Leigh Ann’s latest recorded album release, Mik’ael (2013), is a musical tapestry of mantras, sung in the Enochian language, accompanied by quartz crystal singing bowls and world instruments. Mik’ael is a musical collaboration with writer and producer, Thomas Barquee, recorded at Zenden Studios in California. Ideal for yoga and meditation, Mik’ael is a healing offering to the Archangel Michael, and all that is peaceful in nature and ourselves. Her next recording project will be spoken word, co-created again with Thomas Barquee.

She is also the Executive Director of The Shimmering Sounds Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to bringing sound healing as a complimentary therapy to the masses. The foundation has given hundreds of free sessions to people that could not normally afford holistic health sessions.

The foundation incorporates the use of the John of God crystal bed as well, a complementary treatment to the sound using color, vibration and light.

Currently she has developed her own line of quartz crystal singing bowls, using unusual gemstones to infuse the bowls, as well as etching ancient mandalas that amplify the intention of this sacred art through the power of the sound.

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Peace, Healing and Blessings

Peace, Healing and Blessings
Peace, Healing and Blessings is Leigh Ann Phillips and Thomas Barquee’s newest collaboration, the merging of art, form, music and blessing, from the ancient lineage of sound, sacred geometry and mantra.

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