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Note: All in-person sessions take place in Honolulu, Hawaii or may be arranged in advance according to my travel schedule. Spiritual Consultations may be arranged via Phone or Skype.

60 Minute Spiritual Consultation – $175

30 Minute Spiritual Consultation – $90

60 Minute Sound Healing Session (Oahu) – $150

60 Minutes Sound Healing Session (Off-Island) – $225

90 Minute Sound Healing Session (Oahu) – $200

Sound Healing Distant Attunement and Crystal Bowl Reading – $200

Crystal Bed Light Bath (sliding scale) $60 – $75

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About Sound Healing Offerings

My experience is that body wisdom is much more profound than what we “think”. The body does not know how to lie. If there is an issue that has not been addressed, whether stress or an emotional blockage, the body is the last stop. Sessions are opportunities to allow the mind to step out of the way and change brain states and consciousness and give the person space and time to self-heal and rejuvenate. The sounds of the crystal bowls are etheric, powerful, clear, sometimes dissonant depending on what is going on with the person, but still beautiful and mind-altering. It is an opportunity to go deep within, release, and expand.

Personal Sound Healing Sessions are performed currently in Honolulu, Hawaii, as well as other locations where Leigh Ann is invited to give sessions, lead workshops and lectures, or to perform.

A session is always recorded so you have your own “song” to listen to later as a meditation.

To schedule a Sound Healing Session, Distant Attunement, or Crystal Bed session, contact Leigh Ann at (808) 445-1296.

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Concert and Meditation

This is a great way to come together in community and receive. Leigh Ann will have quartz crystal singing bowls, brass bowls, tingshaws, faery bells, as well as tuning forks. Participants can enjoy some movement, a little bit of singing together, and then lay back and enjoy the sounds of the crystal bowls as well as Leigh Ann’s voice. Acoustic sound can travel as far as one mile, but the real healing of sound comes from the infrared quality. When we hear the bowls or sing, those healing qualities can pass right through the body and help us release old traumas, stress and rejuvenate the physical body. Come join us for a joyous evening of music that literally heals the heart. This is a beautiful, highly experiential journey of sound, music and vibration.

Individual Private Sound Healing Session

This is for the person who would like extra time, care and support. for a personal guidance and healing session. If you are looking to have life flow more smoothly, release old beliefs and patterns that are not working, or have an emotional or health issue, a sound healing session will empower you to raise your life to a new level. Leigh Ann will place bowls on the body, as well as near the body. She also will incorporate her voice, tuning forks, essential oils, as well as acupressure points. This is a deep healing, allowing the person to let go of stress, as well as bring more harmony to body, mind and spirit. Leigh Ann has worked with company managers, CEOs, teachers, artists, owners of large corporations, as well as monks, nuns and anyone looking to improve the quality of their life.

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Workshop

This two-day workshop will give the student a working introduction to utilize sound healing with the quartz crystal singing bowls. The bowls also have the added benefit of ancient mandalas etched onto them, which increases the healing power. A person does not need to understand music theory to attend. This fun yet experiential workshop will allow the person to be able to play a quartz crystal singing bowl for their own healing, and will give them a working foundation to begin working with others. We will also learn certain singing techniques to be able to sing with the bowl, as well as learn basic tuning fork techniques. Each person will also have the opportunity to receive by having the bowls placed on them so they have the opportunity to release, heal and raise their vibration. Sound is a powerful healing modality, as the bowls are crystalline in structure, as well as the cell membrane of human beings. Come join us for an opportunity to be able to experience the power of sound so that you may utilize these beautiful tools in the comfort of your own home. Sound healing began in China, and it is time to bring this amazing ancient technology back into current culture.

Sound Healing Circle

A sound healing circle is a two to three hour workshop where everyone who comes to the sound healing meditation has an opportunity to receive directly. Leigh Ann plays the bowls for the group, but each person has the chance to be in the center of the circle and receive directly with bowls on their person.
What is wonderful about this experience is it is physical and yet really gives the participant a chance to let go of old emotions and thought patterns. It is truly a beautiful way to let go and experience music that helps us have more peace in our lives.

Sound Healing Distant Healing Attunement and Crystal Bowl Readings

Sound Healing Sessions can also be done at a distance. We set up a time to do your Distance Healing Attunement after a phone consultation together. At the specified time, while you are in a comfortable space, I will play the bowls for you, recording your session, so you may use it again personally, listening to your own healing song. During a Distance Healing Attunement, I may also receive intuitive information, similar to a “reading” which I also share with you over the phone after the distance session is complete. (Distance Healing Attunements begin at $200)

Crystal Healing Bed “Light Bath”

Made possible by The Shimmering Sounds Foundation, the Crystal Bed was purchased from the Casa of Dom Ignacio in Brazil. This Crystal Bed consists of seven high quality clear quartz vogel crystals, mined and carved in Brazil. The crystals are attached to a high frequency lamp where colored lights are filtered through each crystal. Each lit crystal is directed toward one of the chakras. The crystals create a stable and consistent stream of energy that raises the body’s vibrational frequency by interacting with the water in the cells. This is done while lying on a massage table. Many people have reported significant healings, as well as emotional clearing, a feeling of groundedness, a release of stress, and overall well-being. Sessions are 60 minutes and are offered on a sliding scale ($60 – $75).

Proceeds of Crystal Bed sessions are used to continue the work of the Shimmering Sounds Foundation, bringing sound and vibrational healing to people and populations who normally could not pay for sessions or coursework.

To schedule a Sound Healing Session, Distance Attunement, or Crystal Healing Bed session, contact Leigh Ann at (808) 445-1296.

Living Soul Spiritual Cleansing Session

Please visit the Spiritual Cleanse Page on my website here.
Originated by Dr. Mitchell Gibson, a Level One Cleansing involves the use of Daoist healing talismans, healing mantras, and the use of the Mer Isis healing pendulum in order to cleanse negative spiritual energy from the aura and body.

Level One spiritual pathogens include dependent thought forms, low level miasms, and human souls that are weakly attached to the clients physical form. A dependent thought form is a type of energy pattern that results from strong persistent thought, emotion, or act. Dependent thought forms cause a great deal of chaos and strife when they enter the body but fortunately, they are easily removed. Past life personalities can often bleed through and cause trouble in the present personality.

Please Contact Leigh Ann Phillips in advance before purchasing.

To schedule a Spiritual Cleansing Session contact Leigh Ann at (808) 445-1296.

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Peace, Healing and Blessings

Peace, Healing and Blessings
Peace, Healing and Blessings is Leigh Ann Phillips and Thomas Barquee’s newest collaboration, the merging of art, form, music and blessing, from the ancient lineage of sound, sacred geometry and mantra.

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